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Peter Frost

Biography to come.

Dr. Tony Hobbs

Tony studied at Kent and Oxford Universities, and has professional qualifications in people development.
Tony came to Spain in 2010 to become Pastor of Calpe Christian Fellowship, while continuing as a tutor for a UK University. In his teens Tony became a committed Christian, which he regards as the most important event of his life.
Before coming to Spain he was director of a national charity, and a Board member of an international organisation responsible for training counsellors.
Tony regards his present role, and living in Calpe, as great blessings, and has no desire to relocate back to the UK!
His main leisure interests are sporting: he belongs to Calpe and Benissa badminton clubs, and plays social tennis and golf.

Kenny Corris

 My Life As A Medium.  Call him for inclusion on the Healing List. This is a free service that works. He is a working Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Astrologer, a Healer, Psychic Surgeon, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach with over forty years of experience. Dividing himself between private sittings and a host of public appearances, promoting spirituality wherever and whenever, in a down to earth and practical manner. Out & About magazine is delighted to have such a talented person writing on such delicate subjects and our readers are thrilled and at ease to know they have Kenny to contact. 

Dra. Isabel Signes

Isabel… introduces her monthly series on looking at the concerns patients may have with their eye problems, spectacles and how best to resolve eye related problems. Each month Isabel writes on eye health and dietary information. The last thing you want from a diet is a risk to your health.   Isabel is an Optician and gives sound advice for healthy eyes and healthy eating. A very interesting read.

Michael Walsh

Writing brings many rewards and having such a skillful writer as Michael Welsh on the Out & About Journalists team, no wonder his articles are outstanding. Michael has a brilliant “way with words” so with his writing style and elegance, his articles and poems are outstanding. Michael writes for all corners of the world thus has an international reputation and client base 'Each month Michael’s professional presentation is exceptional and is very much enjoyed by the magazine readers.

Dee Tavener Craig

Dee writes her articles with a “Tongue in Cheek” approach, enabling her to cover many areas concerning politics without upsetting readers.  Dee achieves this in a most intriguing way when explaining certain politics.  People reading Dees “Political Patter” have mentioned how enjoyable the monthly articles are. Politics is sometimes a difficult subject to write on but Dee passes through those barriers and keeps the articles out of the ordinary. Well Done.

Simon Ratcliffe

Simon Ratcliffe is a licensed Physiotherapist and Certified Osteopath C.O. for the Family Medical Centre in Albir. He began his Physiotherapy journey at the Miguel Hernández University in San Juan in 2004 and finished in 2008. During this time he learned all different types of applications this career can offer, from paediatric, respiratory, sports physiotherapy, etc. When he finished Physiotherapy in 2008, he decided that he was interested in treating pain disorders. In 2009, he embarked on a 5 year course in Osteopathy. During this spell Simon learned structural Osteopathy, cranial Osteopathy and visceral Osteopathy; all of these are different treatments but are linked together to create a complete diagnosis and treatment guide.

John Curtis

John Curtis is not only a radio DJ presenting the Sunday Afternoon show, Ready Steady Sunday, on BayRadio but we are very thrilled to read his love of the “Old Time Great Singers” each month in Out & About Costa Blanca magazine writing on his vast knowledge he acquired from growing up during one of the most fascinating periods in the music industry, his earliest memories of hearing the singers, bands and Rock and Roll.  John has a massive amount of music and data stored in his brain and he found a home for this in his interesting stories. We are flattered that these exciting stories are on our pages! John is also a part of the local entertainment scene.

Violet King

A counselling service for motivational counseling.  The articles aim towards explaining stress related problems, personal strengthening and self improvement.  Each month Violet writes on anxiety and pressures, what matters in life, personal challenges, feelings, thoughts and limitations that relate to people. We are so privileged to have such a talented Counsellor as Violet writing and advising on such delicate subjects. Violet’s expert information is very helpful and very much absorbed by our readers.

Dawn Blythe

Dawn is a British Midwife who has spent over 25 years caring for mothers and babies in ex-patriate communities. Having trained in the U.K., she then became a commissioned officer in the Royal Army Nursing Corps (Q.A.´s). She practiced in Germany, Nepal and Hong Kong. On completion of her commission she remained in the Far East for a further 10 years, as a Director of ¨Everdawn Midwifery¨, providing midwifery care in Hong Kong and Guam, U.S.A. Dawn relocated to Spain in 1996 and having fulfilled the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science in Madrid, registered with the Colegio de Enfermeria Alicante. Dawn resides in Altea with her partner and daughter. She is now the co-owner and Director of the Family Medical Centre together with Amanda Collins. Dawn provides maternity care exclusively to the patients of the Family Medical Centre. Dawn strives to give the best midwifery care and support as possible to her patients at the same time building up a trusting long lasting relationship so her mothers truly 'know their midwife'.

Judith Atkison

Judith Atkinson is an ex-head teacher, business owner, wife, and mother, and now has the time to be an essential oils junkie!

I exist to change the way people think about their health through oils, diet, exercise and spiritual development. Especially, I enjoy educating people about Essential Oils and natural products. My mission is to show that you can get results without the use of potent pharmaceutical drugs. The peace of mind that comes from using natural products is also huge.

Health, Healing, and Happiness to as many people as possible.